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Fislhing games - just a little page with some funny, some bizarre, some flashy, and some boring and small freeware "fishing" games... . Enjoy! fish with umbrella  Stop reading this and start scrolling down my silly long page!... 

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 Oden Todo Fish (or 'Anime Fishing')

A fast-paced fishing game like none other. You are riding a sea lion in the Japanese anime world, with only one objective: catch lunch for your two friends (twins?) who are waiting to cook anything edible in the giant soup bowl. But if you get garbage things like cans and boots, the bowl will sink... Neat and fast arcade graphics. Controls: Press "Enter" to start. Arrows keys / spacebar. Req.: Win9x/NT/2000, DirectX3+. Japanese (made by Itochu 1997) freeware.


- (643 kb)  

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Find it difficult to catch fish? Here is the solution: Shoot them all!

The fish "splat" when you shoot them. Scrolls horizontally. Simpsons-like cartoons. Control: Shoot left mouse click, re-load right mouse click. Req.: Win 9x/NT/2000/XP, DirectX7.0a+. Made by Arthur Rädler. Freeware.  download (2.79 MB) 


Download shootingfish.exe  Shooting Fish  (fishoot)


Yet another "shoot the fish" game. Simple, but cool graphics. Enter the number of fish (up to 50) and then shoot them all before the water runs out! Req.: Visual Basic 4.0 runtime files.

Freeware. By Phage (site down).


- shootingfish.exe (28 kb)

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  ! Fishy !


Instructions: Simply use the up, down, left, and right arrows to move your fish around and eat fish that are smaller than you are. The fish can eat each other from any direction! So watch your back! Freeware Flash!


- external (XGen Studios) (locally)

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The Quest to Spawn : Crappie Fishing


It's spawning season. You're heading towards your favorite spot to pick up some fine lookin' slabs when you spot....THE HOOKS! You know that if you don't avoid them at all cost you could end up as fish food! Boring and silly.... Freeware Flash.


                 (largemouth-bass v.)


   Shadow-Shark! 1.2

In Shadow-Shark! you are a fish that must avoid bigger fish, sharks, crabs and stingrays while eating smaller fish so that you can grow and rule the seas. Additionally you can attack sharks on their tails to grow faster and obtain bonuses. Based on the original Shark! Shark! game released by Mattel in 1982. Sounds and high scores. Interesting "retro" feel.  Req.: Windows and DirectX. Freeware. Author: Victor Castro.

 shadow-shark!.zip - shadow-shark!.zip (1,7 mb)

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  Something Fishy  


A standard "eat small fish and grow" game, but with the cute graphics it is probably fun for the kids. 7 levels. Controls: arrows = move, Esc = exit. Req.: Win9x and XP. 

 Made by Erkka Virtanen and Tuukka Virtanen. Freeware. 2004. - - 647 kb

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Mad Shark


A somewhat boring shockwave flash game. You are the shark, trying to get as far as possible, escaping from cruel divers with weapons. Remember to eat other fish to remain healthy and try to eat the evil divers.


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Pierre and the Fish - beta 2

Cute, simple and short minigame. Pierre is piloting a submarine and collects fish. The more red fish you collect, the higher the score. But you must avoid the big fish who eats submarines.

One-button gameplay (SPACE). Made by David Shaw in 2005, freeware. - - 2.4 mb

Screenshot of Pierre and the Fish

Ice Fishing (MacGyver style)

You're out in the wild in the winter, it's cold, you're hungry and have no fishing rod. What to do? Ice Fish the MacGyver way: Catch fish with nothing but a magnifying glass by melting snow into icicles and then dropping the icicles to hit the fish below.

Made by Philip Saltzman (2006), freeware. Req: P II, 32 MB RAM, Windows 9x - Windows XP - - 6 mb

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 Fish Shoot DL

Simple "shoot-everything you see in the sea" game. The faster it moves and the smaller it is = bigger points

Try to beat the higscore. Windows. Author: James Glover (2001)

- fishy_shoot_free.exe (1,3 mb)

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Download  Fish Dish 1.0


A humorous arcade game version of Darwin's survival of the
fittest theory. Cute graphics. You control the newborn 'Salmon Fishdie' and make him gobble up any fish that are smaller or equal in size,  while avoiding larger predatory fish, starfish, clams or sharks. The more fish that Sal eats, the larger he grows. You scores points by eating other fish. Made by Ari Feldman (2002). Freeware. - (493 kb-Win) - (Dos-475 kb)

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  Gold Fish 2 : The Second Dive


It's about a golden fish eating fruits while dodging other fishes and water creatures. For kids younger than 8 years old or if you are young at heart. At least 10 levels. A low-paced arcade family game. Can be described as a pacman-clone under water. Cute graphics and sounds for children. Req.: Windows. Made by Zvika Israeli. Freeware.  - (1.2 MB)

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  Reel Fishing Online


Simple game where you try to catch and reel in fish.

By Cooper Faust. Freeware Flash game (.exe). 

Also available: Reel Fishing Online: Sawfish Lagoon



- reelfishing.exe (449 kb)          - external


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  T-Bone's Stress Relief Aquarium 2.2


Bizarre "game" where you can went your frustration on your goldfish. Electrocute, boil, freeze, poison, kitty (let the cat grab it), jostle or just plain bomb it to pieces. Made by T-Bone. Freeware Flash.


  -  fishinabowl.exe (v.2.1/334 kb)       

  - fish2-666.exe (v.6.66 - Halloween Special) 538 kb 

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  The Ultimate Stress Relief Aquarium 3.0        


The biggest fish tank, the most buttons, the best stress reliever online. Even more ways to torture a goldfish.... Made by T-Bone. Freeware Flash.

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  Save Them Goldfish                               


Your evil roommate is trying to fry your prized goldfish. Be fast and beware, things are gonna get hot! You'll need a speedy CPU and the latest Flash Plug-in or you're cooked !!! Freeware Flash. From: E-Campus 


- goldfish.exe (704 kb)                       


  Pipe Bomb Fishing 2 beta 0.1 


Kill as many fish as possible with the least amount of bombs in 90 seconds. Fish as Canon Fodder. You must remember to evaluate how strong the wind is. Sound & Top Ten statistics. According to the author the fish are real fish which have been photographed and used in the game.

 Author: Armstar Game Productions (Dean Bell). Req: Win 9x/XP - 2,3 mb -

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Fun Flash game where you control a small ball in the water and the goal is to collect as many fish as possible in a dive. Surface to gain scores. Beware of the Pufferfishes.

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Silly 'fishing' game in the 'Ode Todo Fish' category. Fric the cat get points for each fish he catches. But stay away from the shark or else Fric dies horribly.

In Japanese. Made by
Hikoza T.Ohkubo in 2004, freeware Flash game.
Req: P 400 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Windows 9x - Windows XP

fric.exe - fric.exe - 1 mb




Fishing ³¨³½³½



A weaker version than 'Oden Todo Fish' mentioned above. You get points and more life (watch the red bar) when you manage to catch fish. But if you get garbage things like cans and boots you loose points. Watch out for the cloud and its killing lightning. Japanese? Made by Luar. 
Freeware Flash.

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Go Fishing


Nice, cool arcade graphics. You lazy boy and dog are out fishing. Standard rules apply: Catch as many fish as possible. But beware of the shark, get him on the hook, and you're its food... From Jairo Bernal. Freeware Flash.



  "Whack a fish"


Very simple Japanese (?) game where you score points by whacking fish with a racket and force them up and out of the water. Really stupid.... 

Freeware Flash.                                      

- whack.exe (457 kb)  

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  Fish Fucking


You are a fly and your mission is very simple: Avoid the hungry fish beasts and don't be eaten ("fucked"). Very crude graphics, insulting sounds and really annoying music. Freeware Flash.


- fishfucking.exe (709 kb)                   

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  Shark Bait


You are a little hungry boy. Try to catch the eatable fishes before you starve to death. But beware; some fishes gives no nutrition, some are poisonous, and some electrocute you. And the shark eats you...

Online Macromedia shockwave game. Was available at 'Rotten Tomatoes', but disappeared.




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   Torpedo Joe  


 A very fun game: Fishing with torpedoes. To advance to the next level  you must hit the mermaid or the merman.

 Freeware Flash.

  - torpedojoe.exe (734 kb)       

   Catch Fish 


Strange game with 5 levels where you throw canon balls (?) at fish and later at ships. In the two last levels the ships shoots missiles back at you. 
Shockwave Flash game.


  The Fisher


Another weaker version of the 'Oden Todo Fish' genre. Slow and annoying sound and to much advertising. Flash. Cute graphics, though. Flash .exe file. - 600 kb.

click here for a a bigger image

fishingfun-icon.png Fishing Fun v.1.2

Why not just use a harpoon? The guy does in this game. Nice and cute graphics with sound effects and music. 20 levels (timed). Earn money for each catch and advance to next level. At the end of each levels, you can also do some shopping to upgrade your equipments.

Made by Emilios Manolidis (vdweller) in 2006, freeware. - - 3.1 mb


 Gold Fish Clock ScreenSaver 2.3

Just a cute goldfish as a clock on your screen.

Freeware. Made by
Clock Desktop. Req: From Windows 95 or newer. - 2.6 mb




  Hillbilly Bears - Bass Tourney



You are a bear. Throw your line, hook and bait together in the water and try to catch the fish (obviously..). Another online Macromedia shockwave game. Was at Cartoon Networks (but can't find it there anymore).


- .dcr file

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  The Irritating Fish (Billy Bass Singing Fish tossfest) 


From a guy who really, really hates those singing fish plaques. Crude, rude and annoying, and that only describes the graphics... Warning: Strong adult language. Made by Rob Manuel at b3ta. Freeware Flash. 


Pirhana Bite Attack

A small and almost pointless game. You are a hungry Piranha and must jump high and bite all the fish from the fishermens line before they reach the shore.

Made by Raiko. Shockwave Flash game. Freeware


  The Singing Dumb Ass Bass


You know those annoying singing fish plaques? Well, now you can strike back! Hilarious comments and sounds. Really sick. Bizarre!!! Freeware Flash. Made by


- dab.exe (669 kb)                                

- dasb.exe (1.049 mb) Christmas version 

click here for a larger image

  The Eskimo Fishing Trip 


The idea of the game is to catch using a fishing rod from a circular bond. The fishes go up and down and you have to swing the bait inside a fish's mouth in the right time. Freeware. Source code available. Author: Mikko Mononen. Req.: Windows, OpenGL 1.2, a good 3D accelerator and relatively fast PC,  400MHz processor and nVidia TNT2 (or similar) 3D accelerator minimum. Recommended: A GeForce (or similar) 3D accelerator - (3,7 mb)

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  Something Fishy I & II

 Two very nice looking online games from CleverMedia/GameScene. In the  first it's the traditional game: You have to become the biggest fish in the  sea by eating other fish. The second (The Wrath of Cod) is  pac-man beneath the sea. Screenshot.

 External site: I    II 

click here for a larger image

  Doki Poya Marin Fishing Minigame 1.01 


From the Caiman review: "A 3D fishing minigame from Japan. You got 10 chances to reel in a fish. The best angler will get 10 fishes... are the best one?" controls: X = start game, arrows = move, X = reel in a fish, Alt = pause, Esc = exit game. Freeware by KBZ (Japanese).  Req.: Windows 98+/DirectX8/cpu 500 MHz /Direct3D. I never got this game to work on my win98se box (in 2005, not tested since). - 756 kb -

 Feed Fullmo



Help the Yeti survive the long winter. The more fish he catches, the longer he survives. Keep looking at the hunger meter!






  Anchor - The Last Hope of the Brilliant Ocean 3.01


You control a submarine with a cage attached, and you start a level by catching fish. You must return to the surface to get air, and touch your support boat to recharge harpoons and torpedoes. After a while, mines and enemies in form of giant fish bones will start to come... Pity that, if you die, you have to start a level over, but it's fun. Use Arrows to move, Z for the harpoons and X for the torpedoes. Author: Hauray. Freeware.

 anchor301.exe - 14,5 mb - anchor301.exe


  Mermaid Panic 1.1


Cool, cool Space Invaders clone under water. You're a mermaid and use your harpoon to kill the invading fish... 

Author: Lennart Steinke. Freeware. Source code available. Windows, written for an Allegro programming contest. - 1,5 mb -

click here for a larger image

  Papertoys Fishing Game

Simple little fishing game. You have three rods and must click on the button labeled  Rod 1, Rod 2 or Rod 3 to catch the fish each time a 'float' sinks in the water. Freeware Flash.

  - flash-fishinggame.exe (448 kb)      



Some kind of adventure game involving a goldfish who tries to escape. The game doesn't end, but repeat itself. Freeware. Req.: Win98+. Author: Spyros. - 600 kb -


Super Fishing 

Looks like a better graphics clone of 'Fishing ³¨³½³½' above (but doesn't beat 'Oden Todo Fish')...  Beware of the lightning cloud that kill, fish gives points, garbage minus points and the timer is killing you much faster than you think. Flash.


  Get Flippy


Shot, shot, shooot them dolphins! The more you hit, the more ammunition you get. If you think this is fun, I'm right there with you! :-)


Abramania Angeln 1.0


Freeware version of small fishing game from dead German company. Good graphics. Use arrows and space bar to fish. Game in German.


abramania_angeln_setup.exe- abramania_angeln_setup.exe (1.1 mb)

click here for a larger image



The little fish will swim after the mouse whenever the mouse is over the applet. It will even leap out of the water if you lead it correctly. Made by Mark Wesley / FunkShun Software. Freeware Java applet. Source code available.


Click on the image......


- (26 kb)   

click here to play

Mario Mini Fishing icon Mario Mini Fishing

A small game where you play Mario under water - try to catch as many fish as possible with your net and put them in buckets. One (against the cpu) or two players. 9 levels and a quick play mode. Red fish = 1 point, Blue fish = 3 points, Green fish = 5 points

Author: Slamman. Freeware. Req.: Windows 9x / XP. And cncs32 and cncs232.dll if needed (in windows/system) - download

 download - (952 kb)      

click for a larger image of Mario Mini Fishing

3 flash fish puzzles


3 easy, but entertaining flash puzzles for the young at heart. From The Puzzle Factory. Freeware.



puzzle1.exe (418 kb)          

puzzle2.exe (405 kb)          

puzzle3.exe (408 kb)          

Click here for a bigger picture

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